Cashback Terms and Conditions

These legal terms are between you, the customer, and the business, T150 Energy Ltd.

Who can use the Service

To benefit, you must be a registered business within the UK.
Offer applies to the business as a whole, not individual sites or offices.


Cashback is payable to customers sourcing their energy through T150 energy ltd for either electricity and/or gas to a maximum value of £150.00 per business.

How your cashback will be paid

The cash back offer will be paid within 30 to 45 days of the 1st bill payment to the electricity and/or gas supplier.
This will be provided on a pre-paid card. Or if you choose will be donated to a charity of T150 Energy Ltd’s choosing.
There may be tax implications for earning cashback. It is your responsibility to ensure any cashback you earn complies with applicable tax rules.

Privacy policy and T150 Energy Ltd Terms and conditions

Please refer to our privacy policy and terms and conditions on the T150 Energy Ltd website.